TAPTAG 052.5 — Live From The Wombat Theatre edition

In case you missed it, Tim, Megan and myself presented another of our panels on science and videogames at the latest Penny Arcade Expo Australia. You can watch the video over here at our YouTube page, but in case you’re more fond of audio we’ve included it in our podcast feed. We discuss solving quantum computer problems with a high score table, the motivating power of Pokemon GO, and social responsibility and activism in games. It was really well-received (as usual) by the PAX crowd, and we’re using these presentations as inspiration for another podcast being produced right now, so please let us know what you think!

PAX AUS 2015: ‘Science vs. Videogames’

It’s finally here! Despite some setbacks and weird audio issues, Tim has managed to put together our PAX Australia 2015 presentation, ‘Science vs. Videogames’, for your viewing pleasure. Big thanks to all those who made it to the packed-out show, and especially to those who came up to us and had a chat throughout the convention. We love you guys!

TAPTAS 002 — Cosmic Cell Phones and Bubbles in Beer

It’s a bonus edition of Tim and Phill Talk About Science! This time we’re playing the excellent tower defense game ‘Defense Grid 2’ while trying to explain how you can use your mobile phone to detect cosmic rays, and why when someone bangs their beer bottle on yours it foams up and goes everywhere!


Research Links

The DECO phone app by Justin Vandenbroucke.

The Physics of Beer Tapping‘ by Javier Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Almudena Casado-Chacon, Daniel Fuster.


PAX Australia 2014: “Videogames…FOR SCIENCE!” Panel

This is our PAXAus 2014 presentation: ‘Videogames…FOR SCIENCE!’ As noted in the intro, we didn’t quite nail the equalisation of our audio, so it can be difficult to hear the presenter over the sound of the video in some parts. But we think you’ll get the general idea. Thanks again to all who came and helped us feel welcome, we hope to be back next year!


TAPTA…S? Ep#001 — Batteries and Bacteriophages

Something different this week!

While we work on our Updated Games episode (where we go back and see how all the early-access we’ve reviewed and played are travelling along), we’ve got something a bit special for you today. In this episode, we’re talking about science research while playing games!

1) Newly Discovered Bacteriophage — 3:05 (Tim 1 – 0 Phill)
Article: http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2014/140724/ncomms5498/full/ncomms5498.html

2) Carbon Nanosphere Lithium Batteries — 18:45 (Tim 2 – 0 Phill)
Article: http://www.nature.com/nnano/journal/v9/n8/full/nnano.2014.152.html

Let us know what you think! Does the format work? How about the game, interesting enough? Suggested games that might work better? We want to improve, so any insights help 🙂