TAPTAG 055 — Cardboard and Plastic edition

Packaging is a huge part of the marketing streams of products everywhere. So what happens when that product is comprised of zeroes and ones? We talk about the (highly nostalgic) history of game boxes and try and imagine what consumers can expect from packaging in a digitally-distributed world.

TAPTAG 033 — HYPE!!!1 edition

Are you ready? Ready for the most intense gaming experience of your life? Ready to immerse yourself into the best graphics, the most skill-based PvP, the most intuitive and addictive gameplay mechanics ever made? Here, watch this trailer and get really excited because this episode we’re talking about hype! Hype is a bit of a dirty word in the industry, but we’re here to give it at least a little bit of consideration from the point of view of both the marketers that use it, and the gamers who inevitably lose to it. CHOO CHOO all aboard the hype train!

TAPTAG 029 — Commercial Communities edition

In the wild and woolly world of yearly franchises, Steam communities, and early-access kickstarters, communities of gamers have become more important than ever to ensure that games make a splash. In this episode we talk how different companies are using a variety of methods to capture those communities.