TAPTAG 059 — Chicken Dinner edition

What happens when you take a popular mod, distil the gameplay down into pure, survival of the fittest fun, and add over a million concurrent players?  We talk about the history and future of the phenomenon that is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

TAPTAG 058 — It’ll Last Longer edition

After the leap from analogue to digital photography, it couldn’t be long until virtual photography became a thing. More and more games include a photography mode, but why? And what can we, as gamers, get out of the framing of our favourite moments?

TAPTAG 057 — At Your Service edition

The release strategy of a game used to be simple: go gold, put it on shelves, and start thinking about the next project. But this attitude has changed recently; companies view a release as only the beginning, as more and more players favour paying micro transactions for drip feeds of content. So where will this lead us, and how long can the feed keep dripping?

TAPTAG 055 — Cardboard and Plastic edition

Packaging is a huge part of the marketing streams of products everywhere. So what happens when that product is comprised of zeroes and ones? We talk about the (highly nostalgic) history of game boxes and try and imagine what consumers can expect from packaging in a digitally-distributed world.

TAPTAG 052.5 — Live From The Wombat Theatre edition

In case you missed it, Tim, Megan and myself presented another of our panels on science and videogames at the latest Penny Arcade Expo Australia. You can watch the video over here at our YouTube page, but in case you’re more fond of audio we’ve included it in our podcast feed. We discuss solving quantum computer problems with a high score table, the motivating power of Pokemon GO, and social responsibility and activism in games. It was really well-received (as usual) by the PAX crowd, and we’re using these presentations as inspiration for another podcast being produced right now, so please let us know what you think!

TAPTAG 052 — We Won’t Miss You edition

We discuss the only shining light in a year that really heckin’ sucked: our favourite games of 2016. Join us as we banish the bad thoughts and focus on the good ones in our end-of-year round-up.

TAPTAG 051 — Witness Protection Program edition

Megan joins us as we spend an entire episode talking up the divisive genius of Jonathon Blow’s The Witness. We discuss how puzzle games teach us how to play them, what we get out of pure logic, and residual puzzle solving. Witness us!

TAPTAG 049 — Sins of a GameDev Empire edition

You know what we haven’t done yet? Spend an entire episode complaining about things we don’t like in games. So this is what we do here! Tim finds fault in meaningless deaths, fake endings, and huge hubs; Phill hates Tetris’d inventories, boring bosses, and pointless pickups. Tune in to the latest episode of Tim and Phill Bitch About Games!

TAPTAG 048 — Reduce Reuse Recycle edition

Not content with milking sequels for all their worth, large game publishers have turned to remaking their old games. But what does this offer the gamer that has already played and loved those originals? Do better lighting, textures, and poly counts really maketh the game? We query if this is just the marketers getting their hands dirty where they shouldn’t as we discuss remakes, remixes, and remasters.

TAPTAG 047 — SlimSOneScorpioPlusNX edition

Are consoles beginning the slow road towards becoming mini PCs? That seems to be the case with the announcement of four new versions of the current generation of consoles. Is this a feasible release strategy for the Microsoft and Sony? What are gamers going to think of having these ‘half-generational’ releases? What is Nintendo doing over there in the corner? We try our best (and boy do we fail) to get in the heads of fanboys all over the world as we discuss consoles.