TAPTAG 050 — Fifty! edition

We’ve reached a milestone, so that means giveaways! Congratulations to our two winners, Moonwatcher and Cedar, who also have the good fortune to have kickass names. We review some games, thank some people, and get ready for another fifty awesome episodes. Thanks for listening and happy gaming!

TAPTAG 049 — Sins of a GameDev Empire edition

You know what we haven’t done yet? Spend an entire episode complaining about things we don’t like in games. So this is what we do here! Tim finds fault in meaningless deaths, fake endings, and huge hubs; Phill hates Tetris’d inventories, boring bosses, and pointless pickups. Tune in to the latest episode of Tim and Phill Bitch About Games!

TAPTAG 048 — Reduce Reuse Recycle edition

Not content with milking sequels for all their worth, large game publishers have turned to remaking their old games. But what does this offer the gamer that has already played and loved those originals? Do better lighting, textures, and poly counts really maketh the game? We query if this is just the marketers getting their hands dirty where they shouldn’t as we discuss remakes, remixes, and remasters.

TAPTAG 047 — SlimSOneScorpioPlusNX edition

Are consoles beginning the slow road towards becoming mini PCs? That seems to be the case with the announcement of four new versions of the current generation of consoles. Is this a feasible release strategy for the Microsoft and Sony? What are gamers going to think of having these ‘half-generational’ releases? What is Nintendo doing over there in the corner? We try our best (and boy do we fail) to get in the heads of fanboys all over the world as we discuss consoles.

TAPTAG 046 — Gentle Head Bonk edition

Sure, bullets are cool. But you know what’s cooler? Just not doing bullets. Cue the 90s educational video music, because we’re talking about non-lethal alternatives in games. Why is sneaking around so much fun when you know you could let rip and kill everyone in a room? What are some of the interesting ways game designers have avoided homicidal rages? As a gentle tap on the back of your head with a stun rod signals a descent into dream land, we ponder all this and more.

TAPTAG 045 — Explore or Bore?

If a player names a planet and no-one is there to see it, does it make good gameplay? With the recent, very controversial release of No Man’s Sky, we examine the ways in which exploration as a game mechanic can make or break a great game.

TAPTAG 044 — We Actually Review Some Games edition

You could be fooled into thinking that the hosts of this wonderful podcast think about playing games, but don’t actually play any games. That’s not true! We play games, honest! Here we review Total War: Warhammer, Witcher 3, Starbound, Button Frenzy, Hyper Light Drifter, Star Citizen, and Rebel Galaxy. How do you like them apples?

TAPTAG 043 — VR Not Amused edition

Virtual reality! It’s amazing, it’s nearly here for the masses, and it places you in the virtual space in a way you’ve never been able to before. But with that presence comes a vulnerability to the curator of whatever is on the screen in front of you. We’re not trying to fear monger, but the concept of trolling in VR is kind of terrifying if you think about it. So we did! And now we’ll talk about it.

TAPTAG 042 — Skin In The Game edition

How much would you say a weapon skin is worth? Ten cents, ten dollars? How about millions? If you’re one of the lucky folks running a CS:GO skin gambling site, that’s how much you are making in trades between players usually too young to understand the concept of statistics. This week we talk loot boxes, crates, keys, and the gambling economy.

TAPTAG 038 — The Lost Episode edition

Finally! It’s been a long time, but Tim has finally finished digging through the mess of input lag, audio syncing, and quality issues to bring you our great discussion with our friend and collaborator Megan about in-game avatars. Apologies once more for this taking so long, and thanks once again to Megan. You can find her at @scienceninjagal if you want to chat!