[I’m calling these essays because here at TAPTAG we try and take blog posts seriously! Most of these were produced for Critical Distance‘s Blogs of the Round Table initiative, which is deigned to pull in a bunch of voices from around the Internet to talk about a particular topic. Hope you enjoy them!]

Blogs of the Round Table:

Lose the Map‘ — Phill discusses how the mini-map as a crutch can be designed out of a lot of games, even some where it may seem integral!

World in a Pixel‘ — Phill talks about the gap between the reality that the developers wanted to portray and the world they were technically able to render, and how that gap can ignite our imaginations in a big way.

Jam and Juice‘ — Phill talks about the perils of game development with buddies over 48 hours of power in their second gm48 game jam!

Colour Balance‘ — Phill breaks down the laziness inherent in environmental design in most cover shooters , and how the palette-swapped arenas we fight in might be able to be improved.

Burnout Brain‘ — Phill relates a somewhat scary tale of his brain learning a bit too much from a video game, to the extent that it affected his day-to-day reflexes…while driving.

Couches and Creation‘ — Phill talks about how VOIP has changed the way we co-op, and why there are some epic lessons to be learned from D’n’D for future play with friends.

Multiplayer’s Choice‘ — Phill walks through some of the weird, and somewhat egotistical, ways in which he interacts with other gamers in multiplayer matches.

New Game+‘ — Phill opens up his Steam library, closes it. He opens up his Steam library, closes it. A discussion on Steam Syndrome.