Episode list

TAPTAG#54 — Cautious Optimism edition: Some predictions and hopes of 2017 in this, the darkest timeline.

TAPTAG#53 — Gotta Go Fast edition: A (not very) quick chat about the speedrunning phenomenon that is taking off across the world.

TAPTAG#52.5Live From The Wombat Theatre edition: Our presentation from PAX Australia 2016, ‘Science <3 Videogames’.

TAPTAG#52We Won’t Miss You edition: Our yearly round-up of the best games we played in a year that really wasn’t great.

TAPTAG#51 — Witness Protection Program edition: Megan joins us as we spend an entire episode talking up the divisive genius of Jonathon Blow’s The Witness.

TAPTAG#50Fifty! edition: We recorded our fiftieth episode, and what better way to celebrate than by giving away, reviewing and talking about games.

TAPTAG#49Sins of a GameDev Empire edition: You know what we haven’t done yet? Spend an entire episode complaining about things we don’t like in games. So this is what we do here!

TAPTAG#48 — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle edition: It’s hard not to groan at the number of remakes, remasters, and HD updates coming out. We break down why they are becoming so popular, and what we’d like to see out of them.

TAPTAG#47 — SlimSOneScorpioPlusNX edition: Will consoles actually have generations any more, or are we seeing a new curve into a meeting in the middle of PCs and consoles? We discuss all the new console variations coming out and try to make sense of it.

TAPTAG#46 — Gentle Head Bonk: We lay down the guns for just a second to consider a few other ways of negotiating this fragile world we live in. What are the best non-lethal options in games?

TAPTAG#45 — Explore or Bore?: Exploration is a huge gameplay driver, and the mechanic that launched a thousand stories. So when does it work the most effectively, and what happens when it doesn’t?

TAPTAG#44 We Actually Review Some Games: We do that in this.

TAPTAG#43 — VR Not Amused: While we love VR and all that it stands for, it does throw up a few roadblocks and edge cases of trolling and painful experiences. We talk these and possible workarounds.

TAPTAG#42 — Skin in the Game: Gambling on video games has become a huge phenomenon, driven by the skin market in CS:GO. We talk the weird, wonderful world of cosmetics and cash.

TAPTAG#41 — Magic 45 Minutes: Parenting, games, being a gamer parent, and being a good gaming rolemodel. Magic Hour Podcaster Ryan comes on the show to talk about all the good stuff.

TAPTAG#40 — Unfinished Syndrome: We have so many, so many games we haven’t finished. It’s time to talk about all those orphaned experiences.

TAPTAG#39 — Gamumetaries: Games as documentaries, games as virtual reality periscopes! The future is rad and we can’t wait for it to get here.

TAPTAG#38 — The Lost Episode: We grab friend of the podcast Megan and talk about in-game avatars.

TAPTAG#37Best of 2015: We run through the highs and lows of 2015, and make some resolutions for the year to come. Round-ups are fun!

TAPTAG#36Hearth to Hearth: What does it take to make a textured cube your home? How many games successfully recreate the feeling of a place to call your own?

PAX AUS Special —  Science vs. Video Games: Our sophomore PAX Australia presentation went down fantastically, so here it is for your viewing pleasure!

TAPTAG#352+2 = Board Spaceship: Why do edutainment games suck so hard? And what can we do to make them better?

TAPTAG#34Unpaid Power Bills: We lead with torches first to discover the riches that both Darkest Dungeon and Hand of Fate have in store for us.

TAPTAG#33HYPE!!1: Hype in the games industry has a bad rap, but what motivates it? And why is it so damn effective at shifting units?

TAPTAG#32Trail of Buggering Off: A regular episode where we review a game! Path of Exile gets the full TAPTAG treatment.

TAPTAG#31Mobile Musings: We talk all about mobile games and how they are causing more and more people to tap away on their phones. But how do they differ from traditional platforms.

TAPTAG#30.5Q&Addendum: More questions answered, specifically about game development!

TAPTAG#30 — Q&A: We answer listener questions on topics ranging from desert island games to which characters we identify with the most!

TAPTAG#029 — Communities: Communities are becoming a major linchpin upon which a game’s success hinges upon. How does the developer/community interaction affect everything from funding to future fun?

TAPTAG#028 — Companions: Companions in video games are a tricky thing to pull off. What do they offer, what do they take away, and what are some of the best examples?

TAPTAG#027 — Best of 2014: Our best picks from the year that was two thousand and fourteen. Only the best for you, dear listener!

TAPTAG#026Early access: Why do all games seem to launch with bugs nowadays? What does early access really give players? How should you respond when a game you Kickstarted fails?

PAXAus2014 panel — Videogames…FOR SCIENCE!: What is the number one videogame being played at NASA? What can students learn from playing Minecraft at school? How much of the science in Mass Effect is actually real? How can playing games solve some of the most difficult questions in science?

TAPTAG#025 — Co-op horror: what makes it so hard to do? We discuss how the transition from single to multiplayer subtracts from the horror experience, and how future games might get around the restriction.

TAPTAG#024 — Game endings: what makes a good one, what makes a bad one, and how they affect us as players.

TAPTAG#023Divinity: Original Sin for PC, difficulty curves, and whether there’s too much hand-holding in modern gaming.

TAPTAG#022Space Run for PC, Space Engineers for PC, space space space spacespacespacespaceandmorespace.

TAPTAG#021 — Towerfall: Ascension, Nidhogg, and Hammerwatch for PC, local co-op, and reminiscing about couchplay.

TAPTAG#020 — Watch_Dogs for OC/XBONE/PS4, Transistor for PC, dystopian futures, hackable bollards, and art deco cyberpunk.

TAPTAG#019 — Cardhunter for PC, Hearthstone for PC, digital tabletop emulation, more free to play discussions!

TATAG#018 Topic episode: Death! Narrative death, mechanical death, the history of death, and what games are doing to reinvigorate death!

TAPTAG#017 The Elder Scrolls Online for PC, Saints Row IV for PC, the multi-single-player problem, where can MMOs even go from here?, and ranting about fun in games.

TAPTAG#016The Banner Saga for PC, Banished for PC, simplicity in games, the awful feeling of letting a character die, and swearing about the word ‘saga’.

TAPTAG#015 — Game making special! GameMaker: Studio for PC, Unity3D for PC, starting from scratch, essential tools, and some general advice from our gamedev elders.

TAPTAG#014 — Bioshock Infinite for PC, Spec Ops: The Line for PC, hand blenders, the horror of war, and the design choices of violence in video games.

TAPTAG#013 — Titanfall for PC, The Walking Dead for PC, balancing David/Goliath combat, “Wait isn’t this just Brink with robots?”, and the effect of a small girl constantly watching you make horrible decisions.

TAPTAG#012 — MMOs for all sorts of platforms (but mostly PC), the hype train (choo! choo!), multisingleplayer, and the inevitable vacuum of dead servers.

TAPTAG #011 — Reus for PC, Starbound for PC, the revival of god games, the return of logo watch, and the role of social interactions in sandbox universes.

TAPTAG #010 — The Stanley Parable for PC, Gone Home for PC, and the ridiculously simple question of what a video game even is. /s

TAPTAG #009Bit.Trip Runner 2 for PC, Game Dev Tycoon for PC, casual games, ‘casual’ games, and what is the price of social gaming?

TAPTAG #008Ingress for Android devices, Bravely Default for 3DS, mobile games, and streamlining the JRPG.

TAPTAG #007 — Our year-end round-up! Our top 5 games for 2013! An echo-ey room!

TAPTAG #006 — The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing for PC, Contagion for PC, the future of action RPGs, and why having a mobile in the zombie apocalypse can kill.

TAPTAG #005 — Sanctum 2 for PC, PAYDAY2 for PC, hybrid games, murdering native fauna, and when are enemies more than enemies?

TAPTAG #004 — Gunpoint for PC, The Swapper for PC, dicks and philosophy, how much fun it is to punch dudes hundreds of times, and best design practise for platformers.

TAPTAG #003 — Kerbal Space Program for PC, StarForge for PC, terrifying astronaut stories, the sandbox of space, and PowerPoint presentations?

TAPTAG #002 — Counterstrike: Global Offensive for PC, Guns of Icarus for PC, e-sports, microtransactions, and what gamers are willing to pay for cosmetics.

TAPTAG #001 — Star Citizen for PC, Pokemon X/Y for 3DS, Kickstarter excitement entropy, crowdfunding, and streamlined gaming experiences.

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