About T&P


Tim and Phill Talk About Games is a fortnightly podcast hosted by two Australian gamers who love to talk gaming topics, discuss the social and economic role of the gaming industry and, of course, review games.


An astronomer and physicist by trade, Tim has a long history in science communication and outreach. When he is not playing games, writing music, or unlocking the secrets of the universe, he sometimes takes his own telescope out to public places, grabs random passer-byes, and shows them the moon, planets and stars of our night sky. He swears this isn’t creepy!

Tim’s favourite games of all time include Morrowind, Deus Ex, Vampire: The Masquerade, and of course, Dungeons & Dragons. Find him on twitter @DungeonMaster or Ageotas on Steam.


has been playing video games since he inherited a used Amstrad CPC from a family friend. That was two decades ago, and his love affair with gaming doesn’t show any signs of petering out. He’s addicted to all things radio and hopes to one day have a voice that sounds as sexy as Roman Mars.

Phill’s favourite games of all time include Chrono Trigger, Super Meat Boy, Counterstrike, Settlers of Catan, and soccer. Find him on twitter @toothsoup or flaxeh on Steam.


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